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About FuzzyDesigner

FuzzyDesigner is a software package for designing smart components implemented as Fuzzy Systems with optional hierarchical structure. Fuzzy Designer generates code of the fuzzy system, which runs on PCs and various industrial hardware platforms, primarily on Rockwell Automation programmable logic controllers. FuzzyDesigner also generates platform independent C, C#, Java and Matlab code of the fuzzy system and provides means for easy communication with other applications using industrial standard OPC protocol and optionally DDE protocol.

A fuzzy system designed and generated by FuzzyDesigner might be used for example as a direct nonlinear fuzzy-rule based controller, a nonlinear (fuzzy rule based) PID controller supervisor, a smart switch between conventional controllers (Takagi-Sugeno Controller), a nonlinear process model for diagnostic or forecasting purposes, a large hierarchical decision-making system etc.

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