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Development of Safety-Critical Solutions for Transportation Systems

Safety-critical applications require precise specification and smart system testing. Safety standards highly recommend to use formal methods in the system specification and verification stages and propose requirements on testing of the system in such cases. ProTyS Inc. offers expertise towards design, development and diagnostics of safety-critical systems. Our experts have proved to be highly qualified in order to fulfill hard international standards in large scale applications.

We are concerned mainly in the following areas:

  • Formal specification and verification
  • Design of SW support tools for system development
  • Support in SW testing
  • Development of diagnostic systems

ProTyS Inc. currently cooperates with several high-tech companies and universities resulting in several projects as:

Solid-State Automatic Block ABE-1

ProTys Inc. has been involved in the development of the Solid-State Automatic Block ABE-1 used by Czech Railways and developed by AZD Prague Ltd. which received the Gold Medal Price in the competition at the Brno International Engineering Fair 2001 at Brno, Czech Republic.

Solid-State Automatic Block ABE-1 is a safety-critical and fault tolerant system supervising trains on tracks between railway stations. It is distributed HW/SW system based on multiple and parallel single-chip processor units connected via industrial serial lines. The attached on-line passive diagnostic system (OS Linux based) collects, stores, evaluates runtime states and possible errors and provides necessary data access for the operator.

Some key activities within the specified project:

  • SW development for the core control unit
  • Creating of SW testing/development tools
  • Formal specification of the most safety-critical parts and their verification
  • Independent development of the on-line diagnostic system

The mentioned system is already in use with the high-speed train corridor through the Czech Republic.

Solid-State Automatic Block ABE-1 Diagnostic system of ABE-1
Solid-State Automatic Block ABE-1 Diagnostic system of ABE-1

Global Railway Diagnostic System

Successful cooperation with AZD Prague Ltd. and integration of existing railway diagnostic systems is leading to the new view to on-line and distributed diagnostics integrating all kinds of the railway systems (automatic line blocks, railway crossing control, line and technology power supplies, station control centers, etc.) in the Czech Republic with the overall goal to:

Collect runtime data from diverse railway systems

Store the gained information for later evaluations

Evaluate and classify runtime states of the observed systems

Enable remote access to the diagnostic information & provide runtime failures to the remote operator

ProTyS Inc. has participated in the formulation of requirements on this highly distributed diagnostics and has conducted an initial case study on the Global Railway Diagnostic System (currently under development).

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